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"Our law firm consulting services are an investment in the future of your firm and in yourself as an attorney. What better way to put dollars toward something you know -- we have the receipts -- will deliver positive returns?"

- Anna Cates Williams, Co-Founder


Law Firm Consulting

We’ve been there, too: “I know I need to [insert business of law project that boutique firms put off for years] because who has time?  I’m busy. My people are busy.  I need someone to shop it, set it up, and show us how to use it.”


Running an efficient, business-savvy, tech smart, and client-focused law firm is a passion of ours. We take great care in how we operate our practice, treat our people, and serve our clients.  We can help you with a myriad of challenges that face boutique law firms.  With a team of data and technology geeks, an MBA, and over 30 collective years of boutique law firm experience, we’re not here to “gatekeep” as the kids say.  We’re here to give your law business the focus it deserves. So, you can take that mental load off and focus on your law practice.

Audit + Strategy Package

Need most of this and think you can handle it if you just had a plan? Yea, we understand.  We did, too! We provide practice audits and an organized strategy for boutique law firms of all sizes. You take the plan and work with your team to execute.

  • Firm size 1-2 Attorneys (or < 500K in sales) - $1850

  • Firm size 2-5 Attorneys (or 500K-1M in sales) - $2500

  • Firm size 5-10 Attorneys (or 1M+ in sales) - $3000



Flat Fee Projects from $750

Monthly Subscriptions from $250


Attorney Coaching $140/hr

Law Firm Consulting

(shows on desktop only)

Internal Agreements

Update Legal Services Agreements

Draft Policy Manuals

Draft Confidentiality Agreements

Draft Partner + Of Counsel Agreements

Template + Form Creation

Performance Improvement Plans


Law Firm Billing and Performance

Financial Analysis and Reporting 

Streamline Intake Process 

Interim Firm Administration Services

Technology Deployment

Billing Practices Overhaul + Training

Billable Hour Training

Flat-Fee Pricing Set Up

Destruction + Retention Policies

Create Conflicts Policies

Converting to Paperless Office

Law Firm Restructuring + Expansion


Law Firm Compensation and Benefits

Launch Employee + Partner Benefits

Leadership Coaching for Owners + Partners

Partner Compensation Plans

Partner Succession Planning


Law Firm Employment and Mentorship

Employee Onboarding + Offboarding 

Outsourced Mentorship + Training

Employment Change Counseling

Resume Writing

Retained Recruiting + Hiring

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion Consulting


Law Firm Marketing and Brand Building

Streamline Intake

Lead Conversion

Business Development Plans

Social Media + Marketing Strategy

Reputation Management

Client Journey Mapping

Enhancing Client Services 

Disclaimers + Privacy Policies


Speaking Engagements and Training

Firm-wide Lunch-and-Learns

Speaking Engagements

Partner and Firm-wide Retreats

Attorney Wellness Events

Attorney and Legal Professional Development Coaching

Work Environment

Let's Work Together

Are you ready to level-up you lawyer game? Contact us for a complimentary consultation about how we can help you get the most from your practice and heal burnout!

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