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Unicorn / Marketing + Personal Assistant

CEDAR GROVE LAW is a law firm founded in 2020 that focuses on farmers, agriculture law, and the business planning and disputes that arise out of farming and land use.  We understand that practicing excellent law and being a little quirky are not mutually exclusive!


We’re looking for a unique (enter “unicorn” reference) person with a diverse skill set to help us get stuff done.  We are a non-traditional law firm looking to hire someone in a non-traditional role. 


We’re not in a hurry to make this hire, but we will move things along when we meet the right person. Our firm needs someone who:


  • Understands and is passionate about sustainable agriculture (like hands in dirt and meaningful conversations with cool farmers)

  • Is great with email/text/social media/software that you might not have used before

  • Enjoys running errands like sourcing and shopping office and household goods, dry cleaning pickup, package handling, dog and kid toting, grocery shopping, even the occasional farm-sitting, and more interesting things!

  • Is COVID-19 vaccinated

  • Has excellent communication skills (written and verbal)

  • Has reliable transportation


This is a 20-25 hour/week position, but if you are only interested in full-time with benefits let us know and we will consider it.



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