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Legal Assistant / Paralegal

If you are looking for a traditional law firm environment, keep scrolling!  If, however, you are a goal-oriented, tech-leveraging, task-master who wants to work smart alongside a team who knows that legal work can be fun and rewarding, read on. 

CEDAR GROVE LAW is a law firm founded in 2020 that focuses on farmers, agriculture law, and the business planning and disputes that arise out of farming and land use.  We understand that practicing excellent law and being a little quirky are not mutually exclusive!

This role will be supporting our litigation workflow and the administrative function of the law firm. What does that mean? Welp, part of your time will be reporting to our litigation leader.  Think of it as supporting ground control with a map of NC, an Outlook calendar, and a stack of court filings to send to courts across NC—like Tetris, but court appearances. You’ll calendar court dates, and manage our case load and your time in Clio.  You’ll process mail, call court clerk’s offices and start the whole process again. You’ll spend the remainder of your time reporting to one of the firm’s co-founders and supporting the administrative functions of the firm, processing mail, setting up appointments, ordering supplies, helping with marketing tasks, to name a few things you’ll do as a “utility player” at our firm. Some of this work needs to performed on sight at our office in downtown Hillsborough each day.  Otherwise, you can work remotely to accomplish your work.


  • Positive attitude and patience with court processes

  • Appreciation for farming, farmers, and rural property settings

  • Desire to create, streamline, and automate processes

  • 4-year degree highly preferred

  • Solid Office365 experience, especially Outlook Calendar and Teams

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Located within near Hillsborough, NC

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination



  • Competitive pay and benefits

  • Some schedule flexibility

  • Ability to work remotely much of the time

We are a new firm looking to scale and grow in a thoughtful way in the near future.  If you want to be a key player in this growth, we’d love to hear from you. 

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